I forgot to post a blog about what kind of equipment I use. So I am going to try and find as many pictures on the web of what I use and add them on here so everyone can see. My equipment includes and is not limited to…

Canon 40d

This is my camera. A Canon 40d with battery grip

Sigma 17-70

This is my favorite lens to use. It is a Sigma 17-70mm 2.8


These are the lights I use. Alienbees. Thsi is the AB1600 I have. I also have an AB800. You can find them at www.alienbees.com

I have various other equipment including softboxes and light stands. But finding pictures of those are pretty difficult. So there ya go, a quick little look into my bag of professional goodies.


This past weekend I was asked to shoot a band called Chances Are High in Pittsburgh. They were shooting a music video that day and asked me to come up and do some pictures in between their breaks of the shoot. I had an awesome time, never experienced the whole music video thing before. I am going up again this Saturday to continue the shoot, So there will be another blog that follows. Below are a few pics from the shoot and how I took them.

Chances Are High Promo

For this shot I used my AB1600 light with my Beauty Dish on the end pointed down on the group from above them

Chances Are High Individual

Same as the first. AB1600 light into a Beauty Dish pointed down at the subject

So those are a few of the shots. I realized that I haven’t said much as to the equipment I use. So that will be my next blog!

I highly suggest any photographer to get a Flickr account. Whether you even really care that much a photographer or not, it’s is a great photo sharing website. I joined flickr a few months ago, or maybe it’s been a year, i don’t remember but I have grown to love it. It is the site I use to post pictures after a shoot and I then give my link to the client and they are able to view them in High quality on their own computer and save them themselves. It’s quick, it’s easy and you can look around at millions of different photos. My pictures have been added to alot of different groups which gives my work alot more exposure and have gotten alot of feedback from various places because of that. It is basically a free portfolio in which you can show anyone your pictures with just sending them the link.

my personal Flickr, which I gave out in an earlier post, is…


About a month ago, I was asked to be a part of a photoshoot for the magazine Alternative Press. I assisted a good friend of mine Aaron Van Dike. The shoot took place in Cleveland with a popular musician called Andrew W.K. It wasn’t the first time I assisted Aaron on a shoot for this magazine and hopefully won’t be the last.

Usually being a photography assistant includes:

1.) Setting up the shot

2.) Setting up the lights and anything that is being used in the picture

3.) Getting the subject ready and prepping them for everything that is going to be done

4.) Stand and watch the shoot take place. I usually text and drink Mountain Dew and make jokes

5.) Review shots and Critique

6.) Tear down everything that was set up

7.) Go home smiling that you were a part of a nationally publicized photo shoot

I’d strongly encourage most amateur photographers to follow professionals in the industry via Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. Everyone photographer, whether its a senior picture shoot or a Rolling Stone Magazine shoot, needs some help and they usually often ask for anyone who will volunteer. On the few shoots I have done with Aaron, I have learned a ton of useful information and techniques and made a great friend in the process.

The magazine has not hit newstands yet, but heres a sneak peak picture of what it turned out like.

Most people out there have a basic point and shoot style camera that they got for christmas or their 16th birthday. However, they are completely unaware of some of the things that they can do with that camera, rather than just point and shoot. With technology and the way it has been advancing every single day, alot mroe is being offered to the everyday consumer.  Whether you are a hobbyist or up and coming amatuer photographer, the first key is to know what your camera does and the basics of the art. With that being said, I searched up some blogs on this site and found this post to be pretty informative. 


This next link is to a picture that I took and a concert with a friends $200 Sony handycam. To help illustrate the point that artistic type pictures are not limited to the people who pay the thousdands of dollars in equipment.


So because this is a photography blog. I guess I should start blogging about something that has to do with photography. I am 22 years old and I like to take pictures. I started out a year os so ago and have grown a ton over this past year. I haven’t really learned much from West Liberty because they don’t offer much, So I am basically self learning at the moment. However, I am transferring, but that can be saved for another blog! I have alot of friends in various bands and I started out doing some live music shots during their concerts. A few of the bands have gotten alot bigger and now play in bigger venus like Post Gazette, so my photography has a changed alot with them.

Only recently I have gotten into alot more commercial and promotional type shots. I have done a few magazine shoots with Alternative Press Magazine and got to meet some pretty well-known people because of it. Bands such as: Andrew WK, Cartel, The Maine, A Day To Remember, Lights, Owl City, Manchester Orchestra just to name a few recognizable names. I am including the link to my personal Flickr in this blog for everyone to check out. I share the page with a buddy of mine who loves to take pictures of his car and skateboards, so ignore those because they are not mine! I never really update this page and because of copyright laws, I can’t post alot of the promotional shots I have done for various bands, so the link doesn’t have the best pictures to showcase, but at the moment it is all that I have! Hope you enjoy.

This is a photography blog for the one and only Eddie Vargo. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing but will be here everyday saying something that super interesting and most likely completely beneficial to mankind. Had some troubles with the first blog I set up but this one seems to be working just fine! So hi! and welcome to the beginning of the most amazing website you will ever visit.